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Davy Rothbart

Davy's the creator of Found magazine. He reads samples from Found in episode 239. Stories about his mom - who channels an ancient Buddhist monk - are in episodes 212 and 262.
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Act One: I'm The Decider

This American Life regular contributor Davy Rothbart talks about the time a friend asked him to make a decision for her that she really had to make for herself: Whether she should have an abortion. Davy is the founder and publisher of Found Magazine and author of a book of short stories, The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas.

Act One: Changing The Channeler

This American Life contributor Davy Rothbart goes to Brazil with his deaf mother to try and get her hearing back from a miracle healer called Joao de Deus, or John of God. They had trouble agreeing whether the things they witnessed down there were miracles or not.