Our New Video

Sept. 18, 2015

Ira Glass writes:

Bianca Giaever has a story on this week's show and a new video! The video's the latest in her
Videos 4 U series, where she makes short films to help people say things to their friends and loved ones that they cannot bring themselves to say.

The new video was produced by one of our producers, Stephanie Foo, who also produced Bianca's radio story this week. Yes, the word "produce" appears way too many times in that sentence. Bianca's story on the radio show this week was something we first developed thinking it might be a film in the Videos 4 U series, and then realized it made a better radio story.

The actual production work on both videos was done by a company called m ss ng p eces. Thanks to them. They've been great to work with and did a beautiful job, and a special shout out and thanks to Jonathan Figueroa who ran the project on their side. And the animation is by Jordan Bruner.

Hope you like this!

And here's the first video in the Videos 4 U series: